Creating a successful pharmaceutical marketing strategy and plan

Have you noticed how everyone’s got a slightly different take on pharmaceutical marketing and in particular multi-channel? You’ll hear views about how it can turn pharma marketing teams into agile marketing machines or how it’s the natural evolution of CRM; some claim it offers a way in which sales and marketing teams can work more […]

Pharma Brand Strategy 2.0

Unsurprisingly, pharma’s era of blockbuster drugs led to a relatively simple approach to brand planning and marketing. However, with the competitive landscape driven by patent cliffs and generics, the complexity of multiple stakeholders and empowered patients, it’s now time for pharma to up the ante on their brand strategy. “When the environment gets tougher, when […]

Pharma Social Media – The UK Twitter Ranking

Welcome to this, the second edition in our Pharma Social Media Series, the UK Twitter Ranking. This ranking has been developed in partnership between Owen Health and firstlight PR. The ranking aims to take a snapshot of the performance of these pharma companies on Twitter in the UK and provide some commentary on our findings. […]

Taking a CX approach to healthcare marketing

Should healthcare marketing be adopting customer experience practices? Being customer-centric has become recognised as the only way for any business, in any sector, to survive in this customer-powered environment. In fact, being fanatical about customer experience has been the key to success for many start-ups that have disrupted their sectors, including AirBnB, Uber, Spotify and […]