A Brand Planning and Multi-channel Marketing Methodology

Discover, Define, Design and Develop

With the summer over, many pharma brand managers will have turned their attention to brand planning for next year. And this year will bring more pressure than last to successfully integrate multi-channel marketing in their brand plans.

As a healthcare marketing agency with decades of experience across multi-channel marketing and brand planning we’re here to help pharma brand managers with our Multi-channel Marketing Brand Planning Methodology.

Our 4-phase methodology will help demystify the inevitable complexity resulting from combining brand planning with multi-channel marketing.

The first two phases, Discover and Define, will take you from the ‘objective’ to ‘brand strategy’ and cover the most familiar activities. The divergent thinking phase of Discover will provide everything needed to make the strategic decisions in the convergent phase of Define.

The next two phases, Design and Develop, enable the brand strategy to be translated into a multi-channel marketing plan. The Design phase is divergent thinking, where customer journey mapping is used to gain a clear understanding of what a great customer experience looks like for the brand’s positioning.

And this enables the final convergent phase of Develop to take place, where the plans, such as healthcare communications, are produced that will ultimately deliver on that competitor-beating customer experience.

Multi-channel Marketing Brand Planning Methodology by healthcare marketing agency Owen Health

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