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We're a different kind of agency

We’re a Healthcare Communications Agency specialising in Multi-channel Marketing. And that’s where we start deviating from the ‘agency’ norm.

We’re not different in a sad, skulking-in-the-corner kind of way. But we’re not loud show-offs either. Imagine fusing the DNA of the class geek with the cool kid. That’s us.

In fact, if you took a close look at our DNA, you’d see little molecules of multi-sector experience and digital know-how. And smiling up the electron microscope at you, you’d also see some of the strongest strategic thinkers you’re likely to meet this side of a grandmasters’ chess tournament.

It’s a cocktail that makes us a bit different. But different is good. That’s why we get calls saying ‘Hey Owen, do something different for us’.


‘So you’re a healthcare specialist generalist then?’

The industry hasn’t come up with a decent business description for our agency proposition yet (that’s the price of being different). But yes, ‘healthcare specialist generalist’ is about the size of it.

In short, we specialise in life sciences. Then that specialism is augmented by our senior team having three decades of business to consumer and business to business experience.

They’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest corporate cheeses in a range of industry sectors. So we know your world, and we’re able to draw on lessons we’ve learned from other sector clients such as BBC, BP, PepsiCo, Lush Cosmetics, Nintendo and SABMiller, to lend a fresh perspective.


Lemons + Us = Lemonade

A lot of agencies have forgotten they’re hired to solve problems. We haven’t.

We’ve worked with enough life science companies to know the industry is facing one or two challenges. You know, stuff like payers demanding lower prices and improved outcomes, empowered patients expecting better care, decreasing access to HCPs and the rise in generics.

You need someone to help you with those problems. And as an external agency, we’re in a position to ask the (sometimes difficult) probing questions, so you don’t have to. Then we can work out what’s needed and find the right answer for you.

So when life gives you lemons, call us.