What makes a great advert execution? Hints and tips you need to know.

Have you ever wondered how to execute an effective ad? Advertising is just as important as ever, regardless of whether the medium is online, in print or on social media channels. But the market is saturated. With so many brands and businesses competing for attention, cutting through the noise is becoming more and more difficult. […]

The new pharma marketing playbook

Why do you need a playbook for pharma marketing? The term ‘playbook’ was originally a sporting term, meaning various strategies for the team that, when employed, would hopefully result in a win. These days, it’s often used to define an organisation’s approach to something, for example, social media or digital marketing.  With a number of […]

Creating a successful pharmaceutical marketing strategy and plan

Have you noticed how everyone’s got a slightly different take on pharmaceutical marketing and in particular multi-channel? You’ll hear views about how it can turn pharma marketing teams into agile marketing machines or how it’s the natural evolution of CRM; some claim it offers a way in which sales and marketing teams can work more […]

Pharma Brand Strategy 2.0

Unsurprisingly, pharma’s era of blockbuster drugs led to a relatively simple approach to brand planning and marketing. However, with the competitive landscape driven by patent cliffs and generics, the complexity of multiple stakeholders and empowered patients, it’s now time for pharma to up the ante on their brand strategy. “When the environment gets tougher, when […]

Pharma Social Media – The UK Twitter Ranking

Welcome to this, the second edition in our Pharma Social Media Series, the UK Twitter Ranking. This ranking has been developed in partnership between Owen Health and firstlight PR. The ranking aims to take a snapshot of the performance of these pharma companies on Twitter in the UK and provide some commentary on our findings. […]

Taking a CX approach to healthcare marketing

Should healthcare marketing be adopting customer experience practices? Being customer-centric has become recognised as the only way for any business, in any sector, to survive in this customer-powered environment. In fact, being fanatical about customer experience has been the key to success for many start-ups that have disrupted their sectors, including AirBnB, Uber, Spotify and […]

The Pharma Multi-channel Marketing Maturity Model

We here at Owen Health believe that healthcare marketing agencies need to be doing more to help pharma Brand Managers measure their multi-channel marketing capability. To that end we’ve created this Multi-channel Marketing Maturity Model specifically for pharmaceutical businesses to do just that. This Pharma Multi-channel Marketing Maturity Model provides a useful one-page ready-reckoner to see where […]

The Periodic Table of Healthcare Communications

healthcare communications

We were blown away last year when our Periodic Table of Healthcare Communications turned into a runaway success with around 15,000 views across Medium, LinkedIn and Slideshare. So, for 2018 we’ve created the all-new The Periodic Table which builds on our previous table with over 30% more elements. Feel free to download a high-quality version […]

Pharma need to keep their ‘pull & push’ separate from their ‘inbound & outbound’

The steady progression of digital transformation across all industry sectors over the past two decades has introduced a steady stream of buzzwords. You may be familiar with some of them; viral marketing, gamification, news-jacking, user generated content, native advertising, storytelling and growth hacking, to name just a few. Often these terms are coined in an […]

Get the +100 HCP insights that should be driving your multi-channel marketing strategy

The ultimate list of insights curated from some of the leading research into physicians attitudes and behaviours The imperative for pharma and medtech to enhance their sales and marketing relationship with healthcare professionals is well understood. Various approaches are being adopted, from the technical like marketing automation and data management platforms, to the strategic like […]

Growth Hacking for Pharma Marketing

Have you heard the news? Growth hacking is the new marketing. But what is growth hacking and is it relevant in pharma multi-channel marketing? Coined by entrepreneur Sean Ellis in 2010, growth hacking is a relatively new term. Growth hackers instinctively blend technical skills with creative thinking to effortlessly traverse the digital media landscape with […]

Discover who are the most engaging Pharma companies on Twitter

The first edition of our Pharma Social Media Ranking, the Global Twitter Edition ranking measures the performance of the global corporate Twitter accounts of the 22 largest global pharmaceutical companies, measured by revenue. These accounts were identified via the main dot.com website of the respective companies. The overall performance scores, used to position the companies […]

Is your content good enough to power your multi-channel marketing?

Regardless of whether you’re creating content for your HCP audience, in an inbound or outbound capacity, or you’ve also started creating content for your patients to consume directly, the importance of content to power multi-channel marketing is now generally recognised by all pharma brand and marketing professionals. Content shock However, as everyone steps up their […]

Introducing Therapeutic Perception Maps and why pharma urgently need them

Your brand is whatever Google says it is I once read an article that stated ‘Your brand is whatever Google says it is’. Flippant? Maybe, but there is some truth in it, especially in the context of someone who has never experienced your products or services before. We just have to reflect on our own […]

Are you ready for a new kind of healthcare marketing agency?

As a healthcare marketing agency that specialises in brand, multi-channel and digital, we believe our DNA is a little different from other agencies. A respectful, challenging approach Multi-sector experience Strategic thinkers Deep digital know-how An agency/collective hybrid model We believe our agency DNA uniquely positions us to support healthcare businesses at a time when digital […]

The new Kodak Moment is when your customers change, and you don’t.

Our article title was inspired by a post by Brian Solis where he points out: There was a time when the words, “Kodak moment” meant something powerful and nostalgic. They were the epitome of a brand and the relationship between consumer and product. Today, the Kodak moment means something completely different. From now on, the Kodak moment […]

How to become a pharma social media rock star in 2018

It’s undeniable that social media can be a real challenge for Pharma companies. The restrictions imposed in a regulated industry when publishing content The strategic decisions global organisations have in establishing global and regional social presences The need to balance corporate, brand and product content and messaging The challenge of deciding who their social outposts […]

The Periodic Table of Pharma Multi-channel Marketing

As a healthcare marketing agency with strategic tendencies we’re always looking at how we can help pharma brand managers with their healthcare communications. For those of you not familiar with these marketing twists on the Periodic Table, over the past few years, people have created periodic tables for various marketing disciplines including SEO, marketing attribution and web design. Periodic […]

A Brand Planning and Multi-channel Marketing Methodology

Discover, Define, Design and Develop With the summer over, many pharma brand managers will have turned their attention to brand planning for next year. And this year will bring more pressure than last to successfully integrate multi-channel marketing in their brand plans. As a healthcare marketing agency with decades of experience across multi-channel marketing and […]

Battle of the Voice Assistants

The voice assistant battle is hotting up between the major players; Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung as they invest to build out their AI-powered voice ecosystems. For our crib sheet, we have concentrated on the voice assistant providers, identifying device availability and which search engine powers them, to provide a high-level overview of the […]

The Pharma Social Media Ranking

A very warm welcome to this, our first edition of our Pharma Social Media Ranking, the Global Twitter Edition As social media platforms have become a daily part of many consumers media repertoire over the past decade, it’s understandable why companies in every sector have decided to set-up social media outposts. Even back in 2014 […]