Load up your marketing platform with your message and fire! What about taking aim? Nah somebody’s going to be interested surely? I have been amazed lately at how many healthcare businesses are prepared to engage in a multi-channel campaign without any strategy or thought for the quality of the creative output. It seems that some […]

D Mail or Email?

The average person receives 121 emails per working day. So working an average of 7.5 hours equates to 16.13 emails per hour to read assess the value and digest. It’s a noisy space for marketers to try and cut through that volume of communications. So having asked the opinion of some trusted marketing connections on […]

How to measure multi-channel marketing across the customer journey

One of the main challenges facing medical device and pharma companies is how to ensure all tactics being used across a multi-channel marketing strategy are being used effectively whilst augmenting the sales reps and MSLs face-to-face relationships with valuable insights. Creating a data-rich analytics dashboard that includes relationship and sales data will go some way […]

We’re losing our head over multi-channel

We see plenty of challenges faced by clients within the Pharma sector when it comes to managing content across multiple websites, various additional channels and across territories where each has their own desire to localise communications… What a nightmare! As if the job of the marketers isn’t hard enough anyway with all this siloed content. […]

ABM, It’s downright personal!

Traditionally, B2B marketing and sales teams have tended to work autonomously. As the lines blur between where the handover occurs between sales and marketing teams the role of account-based marketing becomes increasingly obvious. It really should be front and centre with marketing driving interest and enquiries and sales closing the deals. Focusing on the right […]

Is your data smart enough to win?

As we race to introduce more chatbots and marketing automation platforms, the desire to produce personalised content across multiple channels grows. Maybe it’s time to step back and ask if our data is smart enough to drive improved customer experiences. Technologies are becoming smarter with machine learning and the likes of IBM Watson and Adobe […]

Should Medtech brands have a responsive website or a mobile app?

Saving and improving lives through advancements in technology. That’s the primary focus of brands working in the medical technology sector. It’s crucial work that helps look after people from initial diagnosis, through treatment and into aftercare. The thing is, as important as these developments are, it also needs to be visible to make a difference. […]

Is your life science website in good health?

With a rise in Healthcare Professional’s taking control of the buying process and looking to the internet to research devices and suppliers it has never been more important to ensure that your that your website is in good health. Remembering that your website may be one of several that is being used to research information […]