How to measure multi-channel marketing across the customer journey

One of the main challenges facing medical device and pharma companies is how to ensure all tactics being used across a multi-channel marketing strategy are being used effectively whilst augmenting the sales reps and MSLs face-to-face relationships with valuable insights.

Creating a data-rich analytics dashboard that includes relationship and sales data will go some way to start helping you understanding the effectiveness of your multi-channel marketing, allowing you to review and refine your activity.

However, this approach alone will not allow you to squeeze the most out of your budget, by confidently backing the best performing tactics and dialling down the ineffective ones. To do this you’ll need a better understanding about how your customers are engaging with you, and your competitors, across the customer journey and have the ability to measure the performance of different channels and tactics at each and every stage.

Some marketing automation tools allow you to track digital touch-points and there are a selection of products that are aimed at the enterprise level that give rich reporting and insight into everything from your social media campaigns to your e-detailing. However, not all of these will be in reach for SME’s and startups looking for growth, so what can be done when you don’t have exceptionally deep pockets?

Google analytics multi-channel funnel report will help you evaluate the interaction and contribution of multiple channels and if you are creating landing pages for specific offline broadcast campaigns then you can also measure the effectiveness of your print advertising and direct mail campaigns.

There are also open source dashboard solutions that can be utilised if you have the in house capabilities to deploy them. Some are flexible and will allow customisation allowing for multiple data feeds.

Another option is to custom build providing the data is accessible, some data sources will be held within proprietary systems that will not allow access. This should be a contributing factor when considering your martech stack.

Investment in time to carry out the research required to choose the right solutions will undoubtedly pay dividends in the long run by allowing you to take a truly integrated approach to multi-channel marketing… and measure the effectiveness right across the customer journey.

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