My Lens Life campaign

Purchasing contact lenses for the first time can seem a daunting process. Many first time users abandon using contact lenses as information on overcoming some of the challenges is often difficult to access. We were tasked with devising an end to end campaign for customers trialing lenses for the first time that would offer them support and access to information throughout the initial period of adoption.

A new brand ‘My Lens Life’ was created to support the initiative. The campaign included fully branded materials for each stage of the customer journey.

  • Strategy
  • Concept designs
  • Welcome pack
  • Bags
  • Information leaflets
  • Web design
  • Email templates

The customer journey when purchasing contact lenses was separated into three phases. Different information is required at each stage as people get used to their lenses. We designed a simple to use website as a central hub for customers to access information. Customers were guided to the website via push notifications offering encouragement and tips, printed materials and regular emails.

A mobile version of the website was designed to help customers access information on the go.

Push notifications and regular emails keep customers up to speed with the experiences they might be having and additional information to support them through the process.