Should Medtech brands have a responsive website or a mobile app?

Saving and improving lives through advancements in technology. That’s the primary focus of brands working in the medical technology sector. It’s crucial work that helps look after people from initial diagnosis, through treatment and into aftercare. The thing is, as important as these developments are, it also needs to be visible to make a difference.

One of the key discussions for all businesses with a web presence is the idea of ‘responsive web design’. What is it? And why do you need it? Actually, do you even need it? The short answer is yes. But we’ll come back to that. First:

What is responsive web design?

If you’ve ever had a bad experience using a website on your smartphone or tablet, then it wasn’t responsive. Responsive web design takes into account the different devices that we use to browse the internet and adjusts sites to fit all screens.

Building websites to be responsive helps healthcare professionals across their customer journey. Many HCPs will visit a site on more than one device. Whether they start with desktop and finish with mobile, or vice-versa, it’s important that the process doesn’t feel disjointed. Otherwise, they may leave prematurely.

That seems unfair

Perhaps it’s true that the average HCP’s expectations are set higher than they were ten years ago. But, responsive design is about making their experience better. It’s actually a force for good.

Look at it from the HCP’s perspective. Imagine you’re away from your computer, you’re running low on time and you’ve received a link to a website. In all likelihood, you’re going to decide to view the site via the small computer in your pocket. If the first thing you see is a page where you have to pinch and zoom just to read a couple of sentences, it’s safe to say you won’t stick around too long.

Responsive websites are a way to present information in a way that is easy to access and comfortable to view. Without doing that, HCPs will lose interest, quickly.

Sounds great, now what about apps?

Everyone has an app. At least, that’s what it feels like. Almost every brand you can think of has, at some point, either had an app built or toyed with the idea of building one. So it’s no surprise that one of the questions we hear most from medtech brands is “should we have an app”? And it’s an important question.

A mobile app can be one of two things: a wonderful addition to your brand’s experience, or a wonderful waste of money. The truth is, they’re an excellent move when you’ve got a reason behind having one. But that’s the problem, a lot of medtech businesses don’t have a reason other than “our competitors have one, so we want one”.

If your product or service can be improved by an app, or if you think an app will make HCPs’ experience better, then you should have one. Otherwise, it runs the risk of being just another unnecessary thing that doesn’t get used.

So, do you need an app? Well, the answer is much less conclusive than the one we gave about responsive web design. You might need an app, but only if it’s something that will make your HCPs’ use of your service better.

Wrap it up

While medtech brands are doing more important work than, say, a fizzy drinks manufacturer, they’re still subject to the same issues when it comes to web design. Whether it’s a responsive site or a mobile app, at Owen Health, everything we do starts with a pinpoint strategy. So we can create the ideal solution for your business and your healthcare professional customers.

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