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The Periodic Table of Healthcare Communications

We were blown away last year when our Periodic Table of Healthcare Communications turned into a runaway success with around 15,000 views across Medium, LinkedIn and Slideshare.

So, for 2018 we’ve created the all-new The Periodic Table which builds on our previous table with over 30% more elements.

Feel free to download a high-quality version from Slideshare here.

The Periodic Table of Healthcare Communications builds on last year’s table by looking in more depth at the following three areas:

Brand planning and multi-channel marketing

We had lots of feedback from pharma marketing folk who wanted to know how pharma brand planning integrated with multi-channel marketing activities.

As you’ll see, the brand activity, which looks at the market, patient and competitors, all takes place upfront and sets the scene for the marketing planning which finally informs the multi-channel communication campaigns.

Customer experience in healthcare communications

With customer experience becoming such a hot topic within healthcare we thought it was important to help pharma brand marketers understand where CX fits into healthcare communications.

First, patient and HCP journey experiences should be considered at different points in the process and second, mapping a journey is a discreet exercise to designing a journey.

Healthcare communication propositions

With a new product launch, it can sometimes be too easy to combine the brand proposition with the communications proposition.

It’s so important to keep these two propositions separate as they have different roles within communications, as you can see in our table.

Call to action

This is our call to action. If you don’t think your current healthcare communications agency could create this Periodic Table from scratch then maybe it’s time to start a conversation with one that has.

From helping pharma brands get their strategic thinking straight through to cost-effective design and production of collateral and content, we’re ready to help.

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